What is the website?

Web sites are the gateways to the world through servers. It is an effective communication tool that can reach many people synchronously and asynchronously. Web sites are the way in which the authors, the persons they represent, or the institutions they communicate with. As long as your website is open, you have the potential to reach the people you want…. -> read more

Use of links on pages

Another element in the manual that Google prepares for search engine successful websites is the number of links within the pages.

In other words, it is important that your pages and websites acquire the number… -> read more

Using key words in content

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of search words and tags, in this article we want to talk about the details of this topic.

Now let us assume that we are the owner of a corporate website of a local company serving globally. Our website, which contains information in English, and our target audience are overseas customers from all over the world… -> read more