Using key words in content

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of search words and tags, in this article we want to talk about the details of this topic.

Now let us assume that we are the owner of a corporate website of a local company serving globally. Our website, which contains information in English, and our target audience are overseas customers from all over the world. Imagine that our website is located in a common area with its peers in a very wide area. For our company, the right keywords defined in the site to pass, tagging each search to reach the right person by eliminating others is a screening method. For this reason, it is very important that every word that you think your target audience will search for should be well defined and pass through the site accordingly. It is also necessary for you to clearly and accurately describe your company services.

Google, which is used worldwide in search of sites and has a say in this subject, has determined some rules for a good website to go to the top rankings according to its own algorithms and evaluates the sites according to these rules and determines their ranking in searches. Accordingly, the expression there is exactly this;

“Think about the words users will type to find your pages, and make sure your site contains them.”

So how?

For example, you are a touristic company in Europe. Let’s list some search words that can be done to get tour service from all over the world.

European tours

European sightseeing tours

Sightseeing in Europe

Short tours in Europe

European weekend holidays

European ship tours

Cheap weekend trip to Europe

However, in order to make your company’s website more elite and high quality, you have created a single page informative way. And you used very high quality photos. However, there is no clear information about the words mentioned above on your site, and more indirect excerpts have been made in the style of “Unusual experience” or “Unforgettable days of your life”. Therefore, the absence of these keywords within the site causes your site to remain in the back row in the race. For example, an expression of benzersiz unique travel experience in Europe tarz, the site will allow keywords to pass.

As a result; you should integrate your site according to the possible words the audience will use.

Writing business information as text

Sometimes, web sites do not allow visually, are part of the design or completely ignored the situation where the company name, address, contact information in the “text” format does not appear in the site. Information can be in logo or used jpeg format. This cannot be displayed in search engines. Even if people search for your phone information by typing your company name directly, they cannot get the information they want because they could not be encrypted in the search engine. It is therefore important to ensure that all information, including this information, will be displayed as text as part of your design.

The basic way is to produce original and targeted content. You will create a website based on the words “Europe” and “tour” above. Use these words, as well as other related words, to produce original and natural content. Instead of artificial sentences, you can specify different narrative methods and titles to use them. Of course, you can get inspiration from similar and competing sites, but if you add new sentences and new information that cannot be found everywhere, you will be put forward in this race.

For company websites!If features such as web-based communication and advertising work are crucial to your business, we recommend that you build your website with the support of professional employees and companies. Identification of company profile, keyword selection and research, SEO analysis, content creation and technological support and tracking of current software; these are all professional fields and need to be meticulously conducted.