Use of links on pages

Another element in the manual that Google prepares for search engine successful websites is the number of links within the pages.

In other words, it is important that your pages and websites acquire the number of links for their purpose. So, if you are a personal blog owner, having hundreds of links on a page will not be considered natural and will negatively affect your site’s search engines. 100 on a thoughtful and reasonably specified page can only be increased if you have a valid reason and appropriate content. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the content is well organized.

However, if you are a national news channel or shopping site, the number of links on the page may be 250-500. In terms of technological infrastructure, it is not a problem, but it is important to be well oriented and user friendly. The user experience and being a site that users will visit often is more important than the links that take you to the top.

User experience

Speaking of user experience, we would like to talk about this a little more. We would like to tell you about the use of links and their links and what we know about a good user experience, regardless of that.

  • Users want to access the information they want quickly and clearly.
  • Arrange the design of your website according to the user’s usage habits. Users cannot review a shopping site and a site for which they intend to receive information from the same perspective.
  • Your information must be complete. Whether the company site or shopping site people should not have any questions in the mind.
  • You should use familiar expressions in your users’ current lives. In order to create originality and difference, it is important not to cause people to move away.
  • People should not be confused through links should be clear.
  • By trying to increase your ranking by providing links within the site, you can cause people to leave the site completely.
  • Your goal should be to create simple sites that will answer what you’re wondering, according to the user’s need.
  • Even if your number of links is supported, you should check your referrer to avoid giving too many links.

 Important reminder

Each page has a pagerank. We should keep this in mind, even if the pages that are popular in their field, which receive a lot of visits, will not have this problem. The number of links on the page is 1/1000 of that page’s pagerank. So the number of links has a negative effect for pagerank. Each increase will have a negative impact on the page down.

Total number of links given

The concept of the total number of links mentioned above is for the number of links contained within a single page. So the total number of links that your website contains is not important. However, it is important to note the above elements when designing all pages.